Thousands Of Ghanaian Youth Join Fix The Country Demonstration(Video)


Today 4th August 2021 would go down in history books as the day to record one of of the biggest demonstrations to hit the country.

This fix the country demonstration started as a hash tag on social media where many youth used the medium to pour out their frustration to the government.

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They then decided to hit the streets to make their plea known and they finally had the opportunity to do that today.

The demonstration started in the early hours of today as thousands of people gathered at the Obra Sport located in circle a surbub in Accra.

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The demonstrators had many placards which had different messages written on them.

The youth were mainly concerned about job related issues, rent issues, health, roads and others.

Before this successful demonstration could come off there had been many meetings and court issues between the police and the demonstrators on issues concerning today but after all that they agreed to have it today.


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