One Of The Famous Rasta Students Abandons Achimota For GIS


One of the two Rasta students who were recently admitted into Achimota School Oheneba Nkrabea has ditched the school to one of Ghana’s best international schools, Ghana International School.

This news was revealed by the uncle of the student who stated that Nkrabea has been awarded a full scholarship by the international school.

Thus it was just appropriate for him to leave Achimota to a school that is more welcoming.

Father of Nkrabea in a recent interview on Metro Tv stated that his son did not leave Achimota because they had appealed against the judgment but rather because his son got a scholarship from another school which was equally better.

The Attorney General and the Achimota school have however appealed against the judgment of the High Court judge who told them to accept the students even though they were in deadlocks.


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