I wish I Had Genuine Love For My Father – Efia Odo Cries


Beautiful Ghanaian actress Efia Odo has revealed that she has no iota of love for her father.

Speaking in an interview on Peace FM she stated she had no relationship with her father until recently.

Circumstances beyond the control of her parents led them to separate when she was still young.

Adding that she had to go live with her mum abroad.

With this she was not able to see her dad or have any relationship with him until she came back to Ghana some years back.

Efia Odo also said that her stepfather was never a father figure in her life thus growing up she never had any father-daughter kind of relationship.

This has led to her feeling no affection or love at all for her father.

She stated that she even says I love you dad only because she wants him to feel better and not because she means every word she says.

To her, she wished things turned out differently and she was able to have a relationship with her dad like every young child does.

The actress also hinted at bringing out her own fashion line with the name Body by Odo.


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