Captain Smart Curses Himself On Live TV After Bribery Allegations


Television and radio personality Captain Smart has taken things to the higher level after being accused of taking bribes.

The media personality has being in the news a lot lately after his sudden departure from the ABN Network.

Since then he has been accused of bribery among other things.

Even though stating his love and support for the Akuffo Addo administration, Captain Smart has also been one of the many people who have criticized the current government heavily whenever they go wrong.

In one of his recent shows on Onua tv he cursed himself to show that he is not corrupt as people make it seem.

He stated that he has never taken bribe and has no plans of doing that in the future or blackmailing others.

Adding that the very day he starts to take bribe he would die that same day.

Again, he would rather stab himself to death the very day he takes bribe.

To him he would do all these to show that he is not corrupt and will never be.


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